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We provide deep discounts to quality tile in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We have earned our reputation for outstanding work in both product and installation with our tile products. With our expertise in tile, we’re qualified to handle any of your tile flooring projects. Our technicians are highly trained in all tile projects, including wood, backsplash, travertine, porcelain, mosaic, glass and ceramic.


Unless you are looking at higher priced granite or marble, in general, there are 3 common types of tile.

Ceramic, Porcelain and White Body:

Ceramic tile is usually the most popular option for anyone on a budget. Generally, it is less expensive than both porcelain and white body.


Ceramic tile is made of clay and fired in a kiln. The glazing is then applied to the top. The glaze of a ceramic tile is only applied to the surface, unlike porcelain tiles.


Ceramic tiles can be good for do it yourself projects since it is not as strong as other types of tile. Additionally, it is easier to cut. On the flip side, because it is not as strong, it is also not recommended for high traffic areas where  excessive wear and tear should be considered. Nor should it be considered for outside areas, as ceramic tiles do not stand up to freezing temperatures.


Ceramic tile can be used for both floors and walls.



There are many factors that influence the appearance of your tile and there are an abundant variety of textures, color and patterns to choose from.


Glazed ceramic tiles can have different stains and typically have a matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish.


Porcelain tiles can replicate the different textures and colors of natural stone. Some common styles of tile are marble, slate, travertine and granite.


You can further customize your tile flooring with the shape and size of tiles you decide to use. Tile manufactures’ create patterned tiles, thus allowing you to create beautiful designs within a room.


Another factor that changes the way your floors character is the grout. Your particular needs, tastes and style are differentiated by the type, style, color, and even the grout you choose.


Even though some of these factors seem insignificant they all contribute your finished floor.



Tile flooring is most commonly used in kitchens and outdoors due to it’s ease of care. Since it tends to be cooler than other options, it tends to be less popular in bedrooms and common areas, such as living and family rooms.


Tile is considered one of the most durable types of flooring due to its resistance to scratches and spills. However, an improper installation may result in moisture seeping below the tile which can cause cracking.


Tile can be a great option for families with kids and pets. Spills are quickly and easily cleaned. And, its easy maintenance makes it a popular option. More porous tiles, such as marble, may require more maintenance.


Tile flooring is low maintenance. When used as outdoor flooring, most dirt can be removed simply by spraying the tile and removing excess water with a broom. Indoors, a simple mop will do.

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