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Our team has earned a reputation for outstanding work. With a broad range of expertise, we’re qualified to handle any of your hardwood flooring projects. Our technicians are highly trained in hardwood floor installation, ensuring your fine flooring is not only a great product, but is installed without abnormal gaps, cupping, buckling or peeling. With our products and professional installation, your can rest assured your floors will look good for years to come.



Engineered hardwood is a durable flooring option that can be installed in most areas of your home. A common misconception about engineered hardwood is that it is not real wood. Engineered wood flooring can give your home an elegant up to date feel. The composition of an engineered hardwood floor is a core of hardwood or plywood covered by a layer of veneer that give it a great look and style. Due to its composition, it is more resistant to moisture and heat. Therefore, it’s less likely to react to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. For this reason, many choose this option rather than solid hardwood flooring in more humid areas.


Solid hardwood floors are more durable and have greater longevity than engineered hardwood for the most part. However, they are more likely to react to fluctuations in temperature and moisture. The thickness of solid hardwood allows for more sanding and refinishing, thus making it a popular choice for areas that are less humid. It can be refinished for a fraction of the cost of a new floor.



Surface finishes can be applied to hardwood floors to make them more durable and waterproof. The finish you choose will also determine the “sheen” or brightness of your floor.


There are many different types of finishes for hardwood including water-based, oil-based, moisture-cured, wax and more. The look of your floor, as well as the frequency of the need for refinishing hardwood floors depends on the finish you choose.


Both engineered and solid hardwood flooring can be refinished. Solid hardwood can be refinished as many as a dozen times if the boards are thick enough. Engineered hardwood endures considerably less refinishing over its' lifetime; usually no more than once or twice.



Hardwood flooring is popular for both common areas, such as dining rooms, and private areas, like bedrooms, since it adds both beauty and value to the home. It is not recommended for high moisture areas of a house.


Different types of hardwood flooring vary in durability. In general, the durability of your hardwood flooring will depend on the hardness of the wood, the finish and the care and maintenance of the floor.


Hardwood floors may be difficult to maintain with pets and kids. Spills and puddles must to mopped up immediately to avoid warping or staining. Pets with untrimmed nails may result in scratched floors.


Wipe up spills immediately and watch out for anything wet. Vacuum or sweep your floor regularly with a soft-bristled brush to ensure the floor is does not get scratched. Block excessive UV rays to avoid staining.

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